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Freshly baked bread, Oil, Balsamic (VE)

House Mixed Marinated Olives (VE)(GF)


Brixham Scallops, Pancetta, Pea Puree (DF)(GF)

Burrata, Leaves, Piccolini Tomato, Cider Honey Mustard Dressing (GF)(V)

Chicken Thigh Arancini, Apple Ketchup, Parmesan Reggiano (GF)

Tomato and Olive Panzanella, Sourdough (DF)(GFO)(VE)

Fresh Handmade Pasta

Basil Pesto, Handmade Tagliatelle, Toasted Pine Nuts, Parmesan Reggiano (DFO)(N)(VE)

Brixham Crab, Handmade Spaghetti, Chilli, Garlic, Basil, Lemon Butter Sauce (GFO)

Courgetti, Wild Mushroom, Creamy Mushroom Sauce, Parmesan Reggiano (DFO)(V)

Eight Hour Roasted Beef Shin Ragu, Handmade Pappardelle, Parmesan Reggiano (DFO)

Italian Decana Pear, Toasted Walnuts, Handmade Spaghetti, Gorgonzola (DFO)(GFO)(N)(V)

Somerset Charcuterie Nduja, Handmade Fusilli Giganti, Roasted Cherry Tomato Sauce, Parmesan (DFO)

Somerset Charcuterie Pancetta, Handmade Tagliatelle, Egg Yolk, Black Pepper, Pecorino (DFO)

Vegan Nduja, Handmade
Fusilli, Roasted Cherry
Tomato Sauce,
Vegan Parmesan (DF)(VE)


Garlic Butter Bread (V)

Skin-on Fries (DF)(GF)(VE)

Skin-on Fries, Truffle, Parmesan Reggiano (DF)(GF)(V)

Seasonal Salad Leaves, Cider Honey Mustard Dressing (DF)(GF)(V)


Affogato Espresso Shot, Vanilla Gelato + Baileys Cream Liquor

Apple Cider Cake, Sticky Apple Glaze (DF)(VE)

Somerset Mess, Summer Berry Compote, Chantilly Cream (GF)(V)

Chocolate Brownie, Vanilla Gelato, Mascarpone Fudge Sauce (V)


Chocolate (VE)(DF), Passionfruit sorbet (V), Pistachio (N)(V), strawberry (V), the Rocher (N)(V), vanilla (V)

(DF) Dairy Free (V) Vegetarian (VE) Vegan (GF) Gluten Free (N) Contains nuts
Ask a member of staff for full details of our range of gluten free options.
Please inform us of any allergies upon ordering as not all ingredients are listed however detailed allergen information is available upon request.
Please note our fish dished may contain small bones or shells.